10 Right Ways to Promote Restaurant Business on Social Media Platforms


10 Right Ways to Promote Restaurant Business on Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great forum to create awareness among people about your restaurant. This is a medium to reach large numbers in a systematic way. Pew Research Center Announced – Approx 52% of adults use two social sites for their comfort zone or use an easy availability of all sources. And the smartphone makes our lives easier because it helps us find continental, Italian and South Indian food from Edinburgh. After the phone, apps have another small cut to go to the social platform.

With this article, we discover 10 different steps that will help you promote a restaurant on your social media.

  1. Create a Facebook Page

According to recent research, Facebook is the most popular and commonly used social site. So, create a Facebook page for all your fans or lovers of food, without any second thoughts in mind.

When posting something on Facebook, it ensures that you add images and videos related to your content. Using scheduling tools, you can create your business post on a weekly basis.

  1. Share on Instagram

After Facebook, more and more users are busy on Instagram. On this platform, they follow their favorite stars, watch their live videos and connect regularly. That’s why it’s a great place to share your menus, discount coupons, upcoming recipes, festival recipes, and restaurant photos.

Use a hashtag with your posts like #Price Enriched Dish to replace your mood. With this, you can add a high-quality photo of your dish. Follow great ways to promote your restaurant.

  1. Upload YouTube videos

Record a video of your restaurant and discover it on YouTube. It is a great forum to show recipes, face-to-face conversations with your customers, tips for cooking and scheduling cooking competitions. If your user likes your video, they will click on the subscribe button below and the accompanying button, they will follow all the latest videos from your restaurant.

  1. Blog about it

You can access the blogging world by posting a blog. Write a blog and post your restaurant’s recipes, images, and videos in a good way, and if you apply all the great tricks in your blog, the user will help you to have a nice meal.

  1. Tweet! Tweet! Tweet

This is a popular micro-blogging site. There is a limit of 140 characters on this site. You can not go beyond this or you will not be able to write more about this yet.

Generally, Twitter is used for small posts like daily posts, recipes, new menus, discount offers, and also includes links to websites. If you create a compelling post, your followers will be tweeted again to contact you and you can reply to them by tweeting for a long time.

  1. Check-in: Foursquare

This is an app that you can use on your smartphone, and this allows the user to ‘check in’ places on their respective smartphones.

Claim your place in Forksquare so that who is check-in in your restaurant and offers some coupons and free dinner alongside that encourage customers to take a meal at your place.

  1. Get seats on Yelp

A yelp is a place where users leave reviews of restaurants. Claim your Yelp page by submitting your business details and respond to reviews. This will allow you to add the quality photo of your restaurant. You can show your Foursquare check-in on the Alan Page.

Over time, customers become clever because they first read reviews on yelp page, and then they book a table for a wonderful meal.

  1. Google+ alerts

Set up Google Alert for your Google+ page so that you know more about what you have written about your restaurant on the internet. Google Alerts Investigate All Reviews Written Positive and Negative for Your Business

With positive reviews, you can make your restaurant a great impression on customers.

  1. The trendy way to use hashtags

In the meantime, you can get your restaurant light up by attaching headlines to the hashtag. This is a great way to attract new visitors to your restaurant.

Modify the post by adding a title to the hashtag with website links. For example, # DinerCroups @ Nilgiraspis

  1. Share the post to Pinterest

Use Pinterest to save cage on digital board – pinboard. Here are some examples:

Menu item board

Action board

Photo board

You can create innovative pins for each circle, and you can pin other things for more engagement with the visitors.

If you are ready to build your restaurant around the world, use these strategies and definitely touch your business at the new height.


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