How to Do Quality Backlinks Analysis

How to Do Quality Backlinks Analysis

How to Do Quality Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks are the subject of discussion between both new and pro bloggers and internet marketers, because search engine optimization and ranking of your blog or website have an important influence on them, helping you increase your online marketing speed. Or blogging career Simply put, backlinks are any type of hyperlink that brings you to your blog/website.

Understanding your link profile is important because you will give a clear idea of ​​whether you are on the right track or not.

Analyze the quality of the website

There are so many websites, so no matter which area you are in, you can find the website that you want to link to. That’s why you can be successful and just choose the good things and have a positive effect on your SEO.

Below, you’ll find the most important metrics for analyzing the quality of linking back:

  1. Check if the website has been indexed by Google – it is important that if you are creating backlinks for SEO, all your links are not penalized by the website. One way to check whether the website has been penalized individually is to check whether Google has been indexed.
  2. A quick way to test this is by using the following search queries in Google: site: Ex-site:
  3. Check if the website is ranking for its own name – In some cases, you can find if Google Algorithm has imposed a website penalty on Google’s website or has fewer rights to it. If the site does not rank in the first place by its own name, then Google’s website is at risk of not being credible. If the site is not anywhere on the first page, without suspicions, a link to that website will not affect your SEO well.
  4. Is this website related to you? If you want to get backlinks from the website, then the contents of the website should be related to you. There must be a backlink to sites related to ethical or comprehensive SEO.
  5. How frequently new content publishes sites publish: If you have passed the above two steps by the website you are checking, then you are on the right track and you may have found a good site to get the link. You can check the website’s blog; See how often you are inspecting and how many new materials are published.
  6. Understand how readers are busy with their posts: If you are planning to create a link through a guest blogging, then you should also be interested in how active the audience is watching on the website you are checking.
  7. Check SEO Metrics: Most of the time, you can analyze website quality by analyzing SEO metrics: There are some important metrics to check:
  • Domain Authority – The website with more than 20 domain authorities is good and can help you with SEO
  • Spam scores – The metrics provided by Moods can tell you how to analyze the site to flag it as spam. 5 The Spam Score website above can say bad.
  • Backlink status: See if the site you are checking is linking to third party websites.
  • Trusts and citations flow-less are generally not suitable with less than 10 scorers.

After analyzing all the above points, if the website examines you, it means that you have found a good website. Now you can try to get backlinks from this site which will help push your website into search engine results pages. Then your website can get a good position in online business.


Backlinks on a very credible and popular website significantly increase your website authority; They are a great source of exposure and also help with referral traffic.

For basic analysis, you should see:

  • Total number of links
  • The number of unique domains
  • Domain links versus total links
  • Anchor text usage and variation – branded, keyword rich, etc.
  • Fresh / Incoming Links
  • Page Performance
  • Link quality


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